Joined: June 2009

Based in: Dalston, E8

Other pet related: Pet Behaviourist Dip CABT (QCF - Level 5)

"Animals have always been important to me: my first word was zoo!  I’ve always spent lots of time watching wildlife, have learnt to ride, nursed sick and orphaned wild birds and of course socialized with as many dogs and cats as possible. As a kid we lived by a small lake and had lots of pets, including guinea pigs, gerbils and ducks, which I used to round up and bring in for the night using a canoe.

When I moved to London I adopted two gorgeous part Havana, part Persian kittens.  I had many happy years of stuff getting knocked over and ripped up, play chases across the bed at 3 am… all the usual oriental stuff!  Sadly Bea was pts due to kidney and thyroid disease last year at the age of 17.  I still miss her so much.  Lizzie was pts at the age of 19 and was partially sighted in the end she also had heart, kidney and thyroid problems.  With all that I have a lot of practice giving medication!  I believe you have to be positive and flexible about it, try and make it enjoyable for them, and learn what works best for each individual.

I’ve worked as a volunteer in a children’s hospital play centre and as a domestic in old peoples homes.  I also work from home writing for a website and keep fit training for and running marathons for charity.

I love to spend some time caring for yours, whether they are young tearaways or lovely oldies."