Joined: July 2010

Based in: Islington

"After many years of dreaming of living in London i took the plungde in 2010 and my partner and I packed our things and moved here and we absolutely love London.

I contacted London Dog Walking because I have always loved animals! I enjoy horseback riding but enjoyed caring for horses as least as much as the riding itself. I have also had a hamster and guinea pigs and looked after friends cats. But my special love has always been dogs! I am also a bit of a bookworm so I read a lot about animals, breeds, animal care and animal behaviour.

My dog Sissi, a Maltese-Westie Mix, had to stay with my mum when I moved to Milan and it broke my heart! It’s actually the only thing I miss about Italy because I can’t talk to her or cuddle her on the phone… but on the other hand I knew that in Milan I wouldn’t have enough time and space to care for her properly.

I’m delighted to think that I am now able to make it possibile for someone to have a pet even if they work or travel knowing that there is someone lovingly caring for it.

My other hobbies and interests are cooking (I even have a cook book for dogs!), dancing and travelling."