Karen & Rick

Joined: March 2014

Based in: Bow, Victoria Park, E3

Other pet related activities / education:

Karen is an In-house blogger for Katzenworldhttps://katzenworld.co.uk/author/karenjuffermans

And she is working towards an Advanced Certificate in Cat Health and Welfare (course offered by International Cat Care - https://icatcare.org/)

“Growing up we always had animals around, from horses, sheep and chickens to cats, dogs and rabbits. My parents made sure that my younger brother and sister and me always helped take care of the animals. They taught us how to treat animals and about each animal’s specific needs. Cats especially have their unique ways and can be very independent. Ever since I was a child I have been absolutely fascinated by this.

And I am certainly not the only cat lover in my family. Another great influence was my grandmother. She had cats all her life and absolutely loved them. She taught me all she knew about cats and I think I get my cat caring instincts from her. When I went to university I no longer had pets of my own, as it was not a very suitable environment for them. At that time, I started taking care of friends’ or relatives’ pets when they were on holiday and took care of them and loved them as if they were my own!

Since becoming a Cat Carer I’ve learned even more about cats and I absolutely love all of my clients’ cats. I really enjoy getting to know them and finding out more about their characters, from playing fetch or chasing the laser pointer to cuddling and brushing

. My husband Rick loves cats as much as I do. I always tell him about the cats I take care of and show him the pictures. He’s become so enthusiastic that he decided to become a Cat Carer as well. You can rest assured that we will take very good care of your cats whenever you are away from home!”