Joined: Jan 2017

Based in: Finsbury Park

“A lover of all things purry and furry I’m originally from West Yorkshire but have lived in London for the past 18 years.

Growing up in a feline loving home I have had close contact with cats my entire life and have spent the past 12 years cat sitting all over the London area for my friends, family and work colleagues.

I now live in the N4 district which I love, but unfortunately the rules of the building state I’m not allowed my own pet so I continue to get my cat fix from visiting and caring for the fury friends of others instead.

I currently work as a Radio Producer and have found that my experience dealing with stressful situations live on air as well as difficult guests and presenters is strangely a good grounding for cat sitting - we all know that at times our feline counterparts can be difficult which is the very reason I love them so much!

Known affectionately as the ‘cat whisperer’ amongst my friends I will care for your pet with , the same love, affection and attention you give it every day”