Rodney & Shane

Joined: October 2014

Based in: Harringay, N8

“Growing up on a farm, my family always had 2 cats, so for me a cat has always been a member of the family. Many of my memories include a feline friend, playing with string, stuck up a tree…bringing home presents that we didn’t really want!

I had the sunny room as a child, so having a cat curled on my bed was perfectly natural, and installed a great love of cats that I still have today.

So much so, I currently have three wonderful cats as well as many beautiful tropical fish. The cats enjoy watching the fish as much as I do, though possibly for different reasons! I spoil my little ones, and would be thrilled to be able to spoil yours!

I understand that every cat is different, and just like humans, some are shy, some are bold, some warm, some frosty. Whatever category yours fall under I would love to get to know them. If you want to see my own cats you can view them on the Cat Care London gallery, as I have used their services many times and highly recommend the care my little ones receive (you will find them under Pixel, Pablo and Bella).

My partner Shane also lived in the country and spent many happy years with a multitude of childhood pets. Hopelessly devoted to our own motley crew, he is delighted to be able to give special attention to yours. To be part of a team of wonderful carers it gives us great satisfaction. We know from personal experience that Cat Care London ensures your cat gets the care it needs, and the cuddles it deserves.”