Joined: July 2016

Based in: Shoreditch

“In 2015 my husband and I decided to move to London as a further adventure, career opportunity and for all the culture and creativity a big city has to offer.

Here it is where I find myself now trying to build a new career. I am a registered nurse specialized in intensive care and very much loved my profession. But after more than fifteen years in a hospital environment I`d love to do something totally different.

I have been growing up looking after all sorts of pets. Living in a rural part of Switzerland had been a paradise for kids and animals alike.

The first and most important furry friend of mine was my parents Siamese cat called Floh. Later, when I moved to Zurich and started to really miss having a pet, I got myself two cat brothers (Tonkinese/Housecat mix) and was later joined by their uncle too.

It was so much fun to play with the whole gang (Thom, Juri and Mino) and to look after them when they were poorly as much as they had my back when I was tired or sad. I still miss them very much and it was devastating when they passed away.

I think that might be part of the reason why I have not currently got a new purry friend in my life but I do really miss cats in my life and would absolutely love to look after your purry friend as if it was mine.

I know a lot about cat behaviour and how different they all are. With cats it`s all about respecting their need of peace and quiet but also answering their often sudden crave for attention, TLC and crazy playtime pronto.

I`m looking forward to meeting you and your cat soon and promise to do my best to make sure no one is grumpy when you`re back.”