Susan S

Joined: June 2005

Based in: Kilburn, NW6

“I have lived in North London most of my life, except when I moved to Cheltenham for a while when I was younger, and had a great job there as a live-in Carer for two beautiful dogs, one a Samoyed and the other an Alsatian.

When their mum and dad moved abroad, I came back to London because I missed my Family and the City. Back in London I became Homecare for the Elderly, and still do some Homecare work.

At the moment my immediate Family consist of my husband Chris a B.T engineer and my Cat Smudge who I’ve had since she was a kitten, she is now twenty years old and a real character, I swear she’s got half a dozen human expressions. She still plays with balls and I often hear them in the early hours being kicked about.

I have always had animals in my life and feel so lucky to be able to have a job working with all these little characters and looking forward to looking after them.

If I look after your Cat, you can be sure that I will take as much care with them as if they were my own.”